BTA Art is an evolving collection of carefully selected artworks that best represents characteristics of contemporary art in the Baltic States. It was developed based on the values of BTA – accessibility, humanity, and reliability, in order to create a more pleasant working environment for BTA employees and visitors.

The Collection aims to reveal diversity in the artistic approaches and underline qualities making art from this region unique. It is not tied to a specific medium but rather seeks to gather the variety of artistic theme lines like poetic storytelling, appreciation of nature as well as investigations on the complexities of the urban, digitally driven world and societies, all of which are delivered with a diligent skill of the craft.

VIG Group

The courage and confidence of our shareholder Vienna Insurance Group in the field of art paved the way for this project. The Vienna Insurance Group has been actively involved in art and art patronage since the 1920’s, thereby making a contribution to cultural life and cultural development in Austria and the CEE. And has by now given rise to a notable art collection with an emphasis on painting and graphics created between 1945 and the present. The collection comprises among others artwork by Irene Andessner, Christian Ludwig Attersee, Herbert Boeckl, Herbert Brandl, Robert Hammerstiel, Peter Kogler, Oskar Kokoschka, Josef Mikl, Eva Schlegl, Hubert Schmalix, Peter Weibel, Max Weiler and Otto Zitko.

Find out more about the Vienna Insurance Group Art Collection here.